While we certainly cannot say that there are some KPIs that any business should follow regardless it’s profile or history, we can say that there are types of KPIs that any business would want to monitor in a certain moment in time. Businesses grow organically and their objectives and goals need to be assessed periodically. […]

Hey, guys, how’s it going? Hope you’re really enjoying Omniconvert and doing some swell job optimizing your conversion rate with our tool. Because we like travel, we like Berlin and we would like to accelerate the success of every conversion optimizer in the world, we’ve applied and got accepted at Startup Rally. We promise to […]

On a global market as big as the internet, competition is tough and customers are hard to keep on a site if you don’t know how to get their attention. There’s a long distance between searching for a product, reading about it, and actually buying it. But if you know your customers and you optimize […]

If it’s hot, the chances to stay in house, willing to buy something online are not so high. So, the guys from Orange Romania thought that they can do something about it. Any degree after 20 C means 1% discount for you. So, if it’s really really hot next days, the chances that their sales […]

Probably one of the greatest methods to build excellent relationships with your customers, old as the trade is, “under promise, over deliver” is a principle that e-commerce doesn’t cover very well yet. There are hotels that, are offering to their new customers a bottle of wine (or just water, since “the crisis” occurred), or other […]

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