Different people have different needs. This article will show you how to use this fact in the online marketing activity and how to apply it on your website traffic in order to configure segments, personalize your visitors’ experience and convert them into your customers. Users who navigate on the internet are searching for a specific […]

A landing page is simply a website page where you get to collect information about your visitors who fill out a form in order to get your offer(e.g. : downloading a webinar, whitepaper, ebook or subscribing for free trials, demos etc.) Also, this is the place where your visitors land after they have clicked on […]

Article by Valentin Radu, CEO of Omniconvert Although the conversion rate is being neglected by the e-commerce shops, on one hand, and by the publishing websites on the other hand, everyone who is involved in this industry should be aware of the fact that the conversion rate is one of the most important key performance […]

We are very happy to announce you (with a 3 days delay – because 2 of them we’ve been driving), that we won the first place at StartupRally Marathon in Prague. “We had to drive 4200 km for this rally and we’re glad it ended up with a victory. This is a confirmation that our […]

The 10 commandments about ROI

From social media to link building, every online marketing effort and activity has its meaning and value for an online business. But the bottom line is that all this should lead to ROI (return on investment), one of the best metrics to show the efficiency of marketing and advertising investments. ROI may have a simple […]

Running a business but not sure how to orientate your online marketing efforts to become successful? Before deciding about hiring an online marketing agency or keeping your marketing campaigns In- House, you should clearly establish your goals. All you want for your business is to convert your audience into customers. These 3 major aspects should concern […]

Search penetration index

In order to have a great conversion rate from search, you sure need a strong strategy behind it. You simply can’t focus to all the keywords related or somehow related to your website and expect to sky-rocket your conversion rate. In this article you will find: > How to adjust your SEM campaigns according to […]

Yes, the cart-abandonment is really a pain in the neck. You buy traffic, you fill your stock with great products, you cut down the costs, you add phone assistance, but your visitors are getting with products in your cart, but still are not finalizing. Be patient for 4 more minutes, I’m going to give you […]

Buying online is a different experience and has different triggers than buying in a mall or la local fashion store. That’s why when you optimize your fashion e-shop you have to try to offer the advantages of an online fashion store, but also to translate online the advantages of a real fashion retail store. Your […]

Through A/B optimization you can test in real time the effects of a design or content change on conversion rates. By using this technique you can propose to visitor two slightly different versions of a webpage and see which one converts better. A/B optimization is a great tool for those who understand that in online […]

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