Today you will find out how to use another principle of persuasion, the Social Proof, in order to optimize your conversions, to generate leads or to increase sales. Cialdini defined this principle as the tendency or instinct of people to act like the others do. We live in a society and, whether we like it […]

We all know how crucial is a landing page when we are trying to generate leads. Though, we make mistakes that can ruin our work or make it seem like a loss of time. In order to avoid mistakes, learn what you shouldn’t do when designing a landing page. But, firstly, see a few examples […]

Cialdini’s Tip for today is Scarcity or “The Rule of the Few”. You will learn how to use the rarity to convince your visitors or customers to get your offer, to buy your products, more exactly, to convert. In e-marketing “The rule of the few” can be simply applied. Why is it so simple? Convince […]

Conversion rate optimization is an essential activity for any marketer who wants to capitalize on traffic. But in the end what matters most: micro conversations or macro conversions? Would you consider the conversion optimization activities a success only if they increased your macro conversions? Or micro conversations are just as relevant? We think there is […]

Today’s Cialdini’s Tip concerns the reciprocity; find out how you can use this principle of persuasion to convince your online visitors to submit and to convert. “Sociologists such as Alvin Gouldner can report that there is no human society that does not subscribe to the rule.”  Robert Cialdini, Influence. The Psychology of Persuasion     […]

Omniconvert @B2B Marketing

Omniconvert is going to take part to Marketing B2B, the annual gathering of online addicts, at its 3rd edition, in Bucharest, Romania. This year, the conference will reunite: Trainers: the most “wanted” is Alfons Ameel, Managing Director BIZNESSENCE, specialized and experienced consultant, trainer and coach in marketing and B2B sales. Entrepreneurs and doers in sales […]

Omniconvert @SEM Days Bucharest

SEM Days, at its 2nd edition this year, is a full 2 days experience where you get to find out everything you need to know about visibility, interaction and online sales. Omniconvert will be represented on the stage of speakers by its CEO, Valentin Radu. Shortly, SEM Days is about: Business Networking: 300 marketing and […]

Every marketer’s goal is to increase profit while maintaining a reasonable ad budget. In online marketing this also translates into finding the online ad channels that will ensure a good return on investment. For a website, there are two ways to increase sales and leads: either you increase the number of visitors; either you increase […]

Convincing people to accept your ideas isn’t the easiest thing to do, right? We all had once a brilliant idea, but couldn’t apply it because others didn’t believe in it like we did. Was this really the cause? Or weren’t we able to persuade them to accept it? Professor Robert Cialdini comes with an answer: […]

We know metrics aren’t exactly lovable, unless you are a statistics or mathematics aficionado. There are people who would say that they’re actually pretty stressful little numbers, who don’t always measure your successes, they can also measure and show you your failures. Nevertheless, you don’t necessarily need to be an optimist to see that KPIs […]

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