Most of the time, business owners are mostly oriented to track their performance through revenue, conversion rate and by foot traffic. However, these KPIs do not necessarily reflect the success of an online business, if they are not analyzed together with other complementary KPIs. Complementary metrics such as revenue/ visitor and Average Order Value give […]

Today is the best time in history to be an evidence-led retailer. Data is available everywhere, tools are improving daily, and the business climate is data-friendly. You hold in your hand the keys to the kingdom. But, you must not squander the opportunity. It will be taken away unless you use it wisely. In this post, […]

It’s 2017. You’re not displaying the same content to all your traffic segments, are you? The personalized content experience for your users is not only an important part of converting visitors into customers, but a mandatory digital marketing action for companies to survive in the highly competitive e-market.  Nowadays, marketers are talking to a smart audience, […]

Most optimization programs have small results or fail altogether. One of the most important causes of this situation is the lack of a coherent system for prioritization. While it’s not hard to come up with a list of ideas, the challenge is to decide where to start and in what order to execute your tests. […]

Shifts in Google’s rankings and searcher behavior have changed how SEOs must apply CRO. Learn how Google has evolved and what this means for SEO, about Rankbrain and Syntax Net, the 10 steps process Rand Fishkin, the Wizzard of Moz uses for CRO for Searcher Task Accomplishment, how CRO helps you when doing SEO, the […]

Today’s post about the best pricing strategies comes from our friend Burc Tanir, Co-Founder and CEO at Prisync. *** Pricing is one of the main forces that affect conversion rates for every e-commerce business as online shoppers around the world have a significant interest in a good deal. And because of that, they will never hesitate to […]

We recently had the honor to have Sam Mallikarjunan, Marketing Fellow at Hubspot, as a guest to one of our webinars. In the first part, Sam shared super valuable lessons that e-commerce can learn from world-class SaaS companies. In the second part, he and Valentin Radu, our own CEO, had one of the most interesting […]

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