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More sales with the same traffic
Raluca Popescu

More sales with the same traffic?

GIF source Sometimes jumping in the swimming pool is a great idea. But other times, like when the water is frozen, this is a terrible idea. And it hurts. Most marketers know they need more traffic and they keep pumping money in it. But, from a certain point forward, this tactic is just as useless …

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940 x 492
Valentin Radu

Is It Time To Optimize Your Website?

Considering getting started with Conversion Optimization? I’ve put together a CRO ROI Calculator which you can use to to estimate the return on your CRO investment based on your company size and data. Try it now. I wish that were true, but that’s not how it works.We want to make twice the money, so we double …

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Ioana Lupec

Why and How to Hack Growth for Your SaaS with Conversion Rate Optimization [Webinar]

Are you aware of the latest techniques and trends on conversion rate optimization that will make your online business be successful in 2017? The following webinar will provide the answer to this question and will show you why conversion rate optimization is the core your SaaS growth plan. Join Valentin Radu, CEO Omniconvert, and Vasil …

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Claudia Marian

How to use exit-intent for eCommerce websites

Converting leads into customers seems to be a top-of-mind matter for today marketers. As Hubspot Inbound Report shows, lead conversion represents an undeniable priority for 74% of the companies in 2016, as only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. (Econsultancy, 2016) The shift in decision-making behavior – from rational thinking to pure …

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Featured Image Updates
Elena Dobre

Omniconvert releases a new update: separate reporting for views and visitors

A lot of things happened in the last few months at Omniconvert. Formerly known as Marketizator, our company rebranded into a more user-centric organization. Along with the rebrand, the way we perceive conversion rate optimization became more empathetic. The update we’ve just released is meant to make CRO more real, by following actual persons that …

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