If you want to grow your business join the International Ecommerce Day

[three_fourth]The ecommerce industry is the only one with a two digit growth year over a year and it’s estimated it will reach $4 billion in sales by 2020. (source)

With such growth, comes increased competition. So there is a growing need for talented and passionate marketers that can bridge the gap between what the consumers want and the products sold online.

In spite of all the advances in software technology, social media and the abundance of free information all around the web, it’s not easy to be a successful marketer for an online business.

Here are a few stats to look at to gain some perspective on the difficulties that eCommerce businesses face all over the world.

 #According to the Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate is 67.91% but depending on the vertical, it can vary between 60% and 80%. (source)

#72% of females and 59% of males have decided to abandon their purchase because of shipping costs. (source)

#21% of Americans state that unattractive or hard-to-navigate websites are frustrating when buying online. (source)

And these are just the tiny tip of the iceberg. With more and more sophisticated and demanding consumers,  eCommerce businesses need to meet and exceed their visitors and clients expectations every single day, if they want to have a piece of the multi-billion dollars eCommerce pie.

During the International Ecommerce Day conference, you’ll learn how to face the everyday challenges of working as an online marketer and conversion rate optimizer. 

What is it all about?

International Ecommerce Day is an online conference at its third edition this year. It will be a single day full of case study rich presentations by top experts in digital marketing from all around the world.

We strive to cover all the pain points that the average Ecommerce website encounters along the way of becoming a successful business:

-conversion rate optimization

-demand generation

-customer experience


-eCommerce technology

-email marketing


That’s why we’ve invited top experts to talk about their successes and their mistakes from which you can learn valuable lessons. 

Our main partners for this event are GetResponse and Growth Marketing Conference

When is it?

May 23rd, 2017

Where is it?

The event will be live-streamed, online.

So you can attend the conference from anywhere in the world, from your office or home, as long as you have a good internet connection. And if you can’t make it to all the presentations you want to, we’ve got your back and we’ll send you access to the recordings after the event is over.

Who’s coming?

Marketers all over the world, you, your colleagues and your boss, maybe. Oh, and David Darmanin, Founder & CEO @Hotjar, Valentin Radu, CEO @Omniconvert, Sam Mallikarjunan, Marketing Fellow @HubSpot and many other worldwide experts. Here they are:

 Valentin Radu – Founder and CEO @Omniconvert

Valentin Radu

Valentin founded Omniconvert, the all-in-one optimization platform that gives you easy to use A/B testing, surveys, and real-time AI personalization so you can create unique, custom tailored experiences that convert visitors into loyal customers. Valentin’s presentation: “How AI is gonna change the eCommerce landscape till 2020”


David Darmanin – Founder and CEO @Hotjar

David is an entrepreneur and consultant that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for small to large businesses over the last 12 years. He has run hundreds of tests for his clients…across 19 languages, 12 currencies and 13 industries. In one of his most recent projects, he generated $16 Million in lifetime value for an e-Commerce SaaS.


Sam Mallikarjunan – Marketing Fellow @Hubspot

Sam Mallikarjunan - Marketing Fellow HubspotSam Malikarjunan is specialized in growth and has become an expert in driving growth for eCommerce businesses. He has worked as Head of eCommerce Marketing at Hubspot on developing modern eCommerce marketing strategies using inbound marketing principles.


Talia Wolf – Founder & Chief Optimizer @Getuplift

Talia is a conversion optimization expert that focuses on optimizing websites and customer journeys using emotional targeting, consumer psychology, and behavioral data to generate more revenues, leads, engagement and sales. Talia’s keynote: “The Holy Grail of Ecommerce Optimization: How to create high converting product pages”.


Elie Khoury – CEO and Co-Founder @Woopra

Ellie Khoury

An engineer by trade, CEO by profession, Elie built Woopra under the belief that data made accessible to everyone in the organization would empower all employees to make better-informed, data-driven decisions. He has been recognized for his work in the analytics space, most recently being chosen as a top innovator under 35 by MIT Technology Review.

Bobby Hewitt – President and Founder @Creative Thirst

Bobby Hewit

Creative Thirst is a conversion rate optimization agency that focuses exclusively on increasing revenue and average order value for companies selling health products and natural health supplements direct to consumers online. Bobby has personally conducted over 300 A/B tests in the health industry and has over 15 years of online marketing experience. Bobby’s keynote: “The Missing Piece to Conversion Rate Optimization”

Paul Klebanov – Marketing educator @ SEMRush

Paul Klebanov

Paul Klebanov is a digital marketing strategist focused on the development and execution of strategic online marketing plans. He is known for maximizing SEO, SEM and PPC efforts of the marketing teams. Paul’s keynote: “6 Ways to Growth Hack Your Funnel Into a Conversion-Driving Machine


Alexandra Tachalova Founder @DigitalOlympus.net

Alexandra Tachalova - Founder DigitalOlympus.netAlexandra Tachalova has worked in digital marketing for over six years. She is a digital marketing consultant, helping digital businesses to open new markets and boost sales. Alexandra is a frequent speaker, and Founder of online digital marketing event DigitalOlympus.net. Alexandra’s keynote: “Why my content doesn’t bring traffic and leads”

Manuel Da Costa – Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist @Effective Experiments

manuel da costaManuel is leading the product development and growth at Effective Experiments, a SaaS platform that helps Conversion Optimization teams manage their workflow – from ideas to experiments, collaboration to insights on a single end to end platform. Manuel’s keynote: “Setting up and scaling your e-commerce experimentation program”

Polly Flinch – Director of Marketing @Windsor Circle

Polly FlinchWindsor Circle’s Predictive Lifecycle and Retention Marketing platform help retailers grow their customer lifetime value and increase customer retention. With 1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook, retailers are quickly learning that they need to be speaking to and interacting with their customers where they consume media. Polly’s presentation:  “Creating Predictive Display Ads in Facebook”

Mustafa Ahmed – Founder & CEO @Ascend E-Ventures

MustafaMustafa is a results-driven digital executive with experience in mentoring digital start-ups and well-established businesses. Founder & CEO of Ascend E-Ventures – a digital solutions company focusing on digital/online transformations. Super passionate about E-Commerce and Digital. He also teaches E-­Commerce & Digital Strategies at KFUPM.


Mark Fidelman – Managing Director @FanaticsMedia

mark fidelmanMark Fidelman is one of the foremost recognized marketing and sales executives in his field, the host of Fanatics Media Marketing Channel, and the author of the best-selling Socialized! Business book. Mark has spearheaded some of the industry’s most influential marketing campaigns across digital, mobile, print, and experiential, including marketing campaigns for Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Dominos Pizza, and Jack in the Box.


Michał Leszczynski – Content Marketing Manager @GetResponse


As Content Marketing Manager, Michal is responsible for coordinating content marketing projects. His main mission is to provide valuable and educational content for marketers – those just starting out as well as already rocking in the online world.


Burc Tanir  – Founder and CEO @ Prisync

burcBurc is an entrepreneur with professional experience in Sales & Marketing operations and is involved in a couple of start-up projects. In his keynote: “Actionable Pricing Strategies For All Sizes of E-Commerce Companies” you’ll learn the actionable and strategic tactics that many successful e-commerce companies worldwide are currently applying and unlock competitive potential of your business in a smart way.

Paul Rouke – Founder @ PRWD


Paul Rouke is the Founder and CEO of PRWD. Within his role, he specializes as a speaker, consultant, and trainer in conversion optimization with over 15 years experience working with blue-chip brands. In his keynote “What Every Conversion Strategy Is Missing” he’ll share real life case studies from international brands, and his biggest learnings and advice for e-commerce growth.

Why attend?

– watch live 20+ case study rich presentations & ask questions

– find solutions for the major eCommerce pain points

– learn how to create marketing campaigns with awesome results

Join us today for the International Ecommerce Day and learn how to get your eCommerce business to the next level.