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If your eCommerce would look like this, wouldn’t you go to a doctor?

Ecommerce Quiz

That’s what you should do.

There are only 3 levers you can act with in order to grow your Ecommerce business:

1. Increase the Average Order Value
2. Increase the traffic
3. Improve the conversion rate (that meaning new customer acquisition rate & retention rate)

If your eCommerce is less than 1 year old, my assumption is you don’t need to focus too much on number 3.
But, as time goes by, you definitely can lever growth by optimizing the conversion rate.

So, here’s where this Conversion Rate¬†Optimization¬†Grader comes into the picture.

Conversion rate optimization Grader

Have I mentioned it takes only 4 minutes and it benchmarks your website against Amazon, Asos or Bed, Bath & Beyond?

Good luck and let us know what was your grade!

Get your grade!

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