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Having a short adventure may seem fun at the beginning. But building a long-term relationship is far more rewarding.  Lighters can’t warm you for good. If you are short-sighted and don’t maintain the fire burning, you’ll end up freezing.

You can apply the same thing in eCommerce. You can’t build a strong relationship with customers in a one time action – it takes a far more complex strategy to improve retention and make your customers love you.

Improving the retention rate of your eCommerce business isn’t a choice anymore, but a necessity if you want to grow it and build a solid reputation.

As I have previously mentioned in a blog post, the statistics are showing that for a mature eCommerce website (more than two years of activity) 50% of the revenue comes from existing customers:

This is why, I have prepared a special webinar for you with the Talia Wolf: The Step-by-Step Process to a High-Converting Customer Retention Program

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The funnel does not end at the initial conversion. The only way to truly scale your business is to ensure your customers keep coming back. Join Talia and Valentin to learn:

  • What makes customers keep coming back (the emotional triggers that increase conversions)
  • The 3 key factors for a successful retention program
  • 7 advanced ways Talia increases retention 10x for her clients


January 9th

5pm GMT || 9 am PST || 12 pm EST

Check the starting time of the webinar in your city here.

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