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Every successful conversion involves some kind of “support.” More often, the support happens at the back-end. People don’t get to see it, but they see the product. Which makes the website an invisible selling machine. When you’re marketing online, your ultimate goal is to get more sales and increase revenue. But, is there something you’re [...]

It seems that “77% of business decision makers consider big data a priority” according to a research on 500 marketers   As marketers, we gravitate heavily towards quantitative data. We’re constantly knee deep in Google Analytics reports, traffic numbers, conversion rates, and a lot more… And for good reason, quantitative data paves the way for measurement, analysis, comparison – [...]

Google Analytics gives us tons of information, data and statistics for our websites: visitors, traffic, traffic sources, page value, etc. The key to discover powerful insights is to know where to look and how to connect the dots to get the report you need. Once you identify the problems, you can start optimizing the most [...]

Big or small, companies turned to digital. Their biggest challenge? Tracking and reporting data! You can not have one without another. You need to track the events on your website and also see the impact of your marketing on the website’s performance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to know where the big fish is and [...]

Surveys play a huge part in the research phase of the conversion rate optimization process. They help marketers gather all the qualitative information they need about customers in order to personalize their onsite and offline experience. One great functionality of surveys is that they represent an instrument to collect qualified leads for your business and [...]

Data-driven decisions regarding the copywriting, design and communication are today’s pillars of modern marketing. No matter how excited you get about an idea, you need to evaluate its potential and then test it on your website. Everyone knows that’s a fact, even if they don’t say it out loud yet. Any attempt to improve a [...]

We do not work with leads only in business. Every day of our lives is challenging us to meet new people who could help us grow. Their simple presence, smile, advice or personality can have a big impact on our behavior. Even though we don’t see it, a continuous and mutual exchange is shaping the [...]

Google Analytics is probably the most popular web analytics software worldwide. It gives relevant information that helps marketers and entrepreneurs develop conversion rate optimization strategies. Besides this, it’s a free tool. Google Analytics has great features that you might not know about because there’s a bit of learning to do before starting to play with [...]

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