Retention Rate Optimization

As seen through the eyes of someone who actually buys stuff online   I have piled up 5 eCommerce Retention strategies to help guys/gals like you (eCommerce managers, that is) draw in and *keep* gals (and guys) like me. But let me start with this, though: I’m guilty as charged. I’m a huge, monstrous eCommerce [...]

full disclaimer before we get started: RFM analysis stands for Recency, Frequency, Monetary analysis and it has something to do with your customers I love coffee. When I was living in Italy, I developed a habit of having one macchiato every morning before work. What I found interesting about coffee in Italy is the fact [...]

Is your online store successful or not? You probably know about all the E-commerce KPIs; rolling many orders may give you a great feeling of accomplishment, but what metric does it best help you see the clients’ worth and your actual ROI? One of the most useful calculations in E-commerce that responds to above questions [...]

We recently had the honor to have Sam Mallikarjunan, Marketing Fellow at Hubspot, as a guest to one of our webinars. In the first part, Sam shared super valuable lessons that e-commerce can learn from world-class SaaS companies. In the second part, he and Valentin Radu, our own CEO, had one of the most interesting [...]

In this article, I have gathered some impactful exit intent website overlay case studies to show you how this innovative and interactive optimization strategy can help your online business grow. Get inspired by the following exit intent website overlays case studies and discover what techniques you can implement in your e-commerce business. #1 Bonia used exit [...]

Growth is not about a one-time sale. In order to continuously drive growth for your business, you must focus on building and be maintaining authentic relationships: create habit-forming experiences. In this post you’ll learn: How to use the RFM segmentation to increase customer retention rate within the first 30 days of purchase How to create [...]