Web Personalization

It’s 2017. You’re not displaying the same content to all your traffic segments, are you? The personalized content experience for your users is not only an important part of converting visitors into customers, but a mandatory digital marketing action for companies to survive in the highly competitive e-market.  Nowadays, marketers are talking to a smart audience, [...]

In this article, I have gathered some impactful exit intent website overlay case studies to show you how this innovative and interactive optimization strategy can help your online business grow. Get inspired by the following exit intent website overlays case studies and discover what techniques you can implement in your e-commerce business. #1 Bonia used exit [...]

We all know it is challenging to find new ways to keep customers coming back to your eCommerce shop and even spread the word about you to their friends. Yet, when you have a structured approach to the way to address with each customer segment, everything seems way easier and you will see a long-term [...]

Web personalization is a marketing tactic that covers a large part of the eCommerce market and it has become one of the most used optimization technique in many industries.  In this article, I will present you the main benefits and how web personalization in eCommerce will drive up your conversions. Out of all the marketing [...]

Weather segmentation seems to be an increasing trend in conversion rate optimization due to its power to convince visitors it is the right time to shop online. Weather based product suggestions will urge visitors to buy something new by reminding them the needs they have in a certain moment.   Weather conditions influence our mood and [...]

We invite you to the 4th episode of The Conversion Show: Google Tag Manager – Why to use it & How to use it! This webinar is part of the The Conversion Show webinar series organized by Omniconvert and Justin Rondeau. We know how valuable your time is so we go straight to the topic and discuss [...]

Click tracking in e-commerce is essential due to its high importance in understanding how users interact with your content. Nevertheless, it is an indicator in analyzing your campaigns and it gives you a perspective on what visitors like, what makes them interact more and, finally, what drives up their actions to conversions.  There are several [...]

The website overlay, love it or hate it, is a valuable marketing tool when used appropriately. However, there is a lot of the hate towards overlays from consumers and marketers alike. This strong hate for a useful tool is due to marketers misusing the technology and ruining the user experience. Optimization isn’t about tweaking a [...]

Before we tackle whether personalization has replaced A/B testing, let’s slow down and take a minute to talk about the two most popular Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools used by marketers today. First we have personalization, a CRO tool that has increased in popularity over the last 18 months. When you think about it, this [...]

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