Lead Generation

With 1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook, retailers are quickly learning that they need to be speaking to and interacting with their customers where they consume media. Facebook display ads are a great way to engage customers and acquire new ones, but it can be difficult to do this in an efficient way. Learn [...]

Marketing and sales teams rarely get along: marketers blame sales people for not following up with the leads in a timely manner. On the other hand, sales reps blame marketers for not driving enough qualified leads. It’s a constant blame game that hurts and frustrates both parts. And this is preventing a company from achieving [...]

  According to the State of Inbound (2016) report from HubSpot, the main focus of marketers today is converting visitors into leads and customers. What about your focus? Are you concentrating on maximizing your lead generation efforts? 65% of companies say their greatest marketing challenge is generating high-quality traffic and leads that have the potential [...]

Struggling to get leads for your business? Did you try starting a blog? How about writing a free ebook or setting up a webinar? So, you did all three of those. Hmm… how about creating landing pages to promote your offers? Did that too. Still no leads? Did you try optimizing the form on your [...]

B2B lead gen has a reputation of being difficult to accomplish. That’s because getting in front of the right B2B audience is much more difficult than doing the same for the B2C market. This is why we knocked on the doors of 10 successful marketers and asked the about their favorite B2B lead generation tactics [...]

A lack of leads can cripple any business. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling software, educational products, or physical goods; just like us humans eat food to stay alive, businesses need leads to survive and fuel growth. And winning leads in today’s marketing world is no easy feat. It’s not just about getting people to [...]

Life is a continuous learning process. We never stop discovering new information from insightful experiences. This is how we grow, evolve and become better and better in our personal and professional life. It’s almost the end of the year and it’s time to sum up what top marketing experts said in 2015. Open yourself and embrace the [...]

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