Landing Page Optimization

Getting the most revenue you can out of your e-commerce product page is important and it can be difficult to know just how this is achieved. With Google introducing different algorithms and changes in customers buying behaviors, it can be tricky to ensure that your products are receiving the right exposure and you are able [...]

Until a few decades ago, vocally interacting with a computer was science fiction. Thanks to an exponential growth in science and technology, it has now become a fact of life. It is evident that people are becoming more inclined towards voice-based searches. It was reported that 40% of adults now use voice search once per [...]

The History Of Landing Pages

In the past, the majority of the landing pages look awful and boring. Ever wish you could understand the evolution of landing pages? If yes, then I’ll walk you through the transition phases in this article. Truly, we can’t talk about lead generation and conversion optimization without taking a deep dive into the world of [...]

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve researched your target audience, created a good lead magnet, set up your landing page, and you waited for the opt-ins and sales roll in. One day. Two days. Seven days. Zilch. Nothing is happening. Only a trickle of opt-ins here and there, probably from people who missed their way. [...]

Diagnosis: Landing Page

In my career I’ve had the unique position of seeing thousands of split tests across virtually every industry. This unique perspective has given me an idea or two regarding what works on landing pages and what doesn’t. I visited two PPC landing pages with the #1 placed ad and wanted to give my evaluation. I evaluated [...]

The main purpose of landing pages in e-commerce is to direct visitors to a stand alone webpage distinct from your online store’s site, and guide customers to the action you want them to take. Landing page optimization in e-commerce might prove to be more complex at the beginning because it revolves around multiple products and [...]

When it comes to choosing or creating the perfect landing page, e-commerce websites face a bigger challenge than presentation websites or software websites. Their target is more complex: the visitor has to be guided in making a choice among multiple products and at the same time he must be prepared to take the hoped-for action: [...]

Even though creating landing pages has some clear guidelines, there are many details that can be refined even more. Against common belief, landing pages are not only destined for PPC. Other sources of traffic can be better leveraged for conversions, when they land on well optimized pages. If you are ready to make some changes [...]

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