Valentin Radu

Considering getting started with Conversion Optimization? I’ve put together a CRO ROI Calculator which you can use to to estimate the return on your CRO investment based on your company size and data. Try it now. I wish that were true, but that’s not how it works.We want to make twice the money, so we double [...]

I’ve been in the conversion optimization industry for three years now. In 2013, I have launched Omniconvert, conversion rate optimization tool meant to help marketers around the world achieve their conversion goals. Since then, our team and clients tested over 4 billion visits. By analyzing their results and looking at the trending graphs of our [...]

When people talk about values, they talk about their ideal behavior that they would like to embrace in the hardest moments of their lives. Values represent anchors that help us remember who we want to become. They take us back on the right road. In business, like in life, you can get distracted. The desire [...]

I’m an entrepreneur since 2001. I’ve started creating businesses on my home’s land, Romania. That’s the moment when the story I want to share with you starts. 2001: Tasting the entrepreneurial flavor Back then, I was a professional Starcraft player. Together with my Starcraft addicted friends, I decided to buy an optical fiber broadband connection [...]

The marketing world can feel like a formula 1 race track at times. Everything seems to be moving at breakneck speed and things are always changing. There’s a constant barrage of new strategies and tactics like content marketing, email marketing, SEO, link building and viral marketing. Each one requiring a complex set of skills to [...]

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