Mara Gavrilescu

Table of Contents Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Why run them? Create Your Own Survey in an Effortless Manner  What Are Some Survey Examples from Our Customers? Bouncing Visitors Engaged Visitors Shoppers  Clients/ Buying Visitors Some might say customer satisfaction surveys are nothing but a crime against surfing the web freestyle. Yet, no matter the stigma they [...]

  Background is a cross-channel Romanian business from the retail industry that sells products advertised on TV. They have over 500 products from different categories: kitchen, home & deco, fitness, and beauty. General info about the business has been present on the online market since 2015. Their main competitors are teleshopping retailers with [...]

In this case study, we will show you how (an appliance eCommerce store) was able to boost their conversion rate by 25% in just 6 months through our A/B Testing tool and interactions. Table of Contents The eCommerce Appliance Industry – A First Look Key Takeaways from the Appliances eCommerce Industry Challenges Encountered The Testing Methodology [...]

Conversion rate optimization is not easy. If it were easy we wouldn’t be here, but most probably on a yacht on some tropical island. Now, perfect conversion rate optimization software is the fantasy of many digital marketers. Work less get a bunch of results. Table contents Who is Omniconvert and how is different? Who is [...]

Most of the time, business owners are mostly oriented to track their performance through revenue, conversion rate and by foot traffic. However, these KPIs do not necessarily reflect the success of an online business, if they are not analyzed together with other complementary KPIs. Complementary metrics such as revenue/ visitor and Average Order Value give [...]