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The conversion rate optimization is even more important for e-commerce businesses than any other online business because it helps them make the most out of the traffic they already have instead of spending large budgets on customer acquisition. Below you will find 49 growth ideas from 19 awesome e-commerce experts for growing your business in [...]

With the fierce competition in the e-commerce sector nowadays, both large and small businesses are forced to make the most out of what they have and so, getting more out of their business becomes every shop owner’s mantra. With the increasing number of communication channels available to us today, we are hit with blocks of [...]

It’s 2017. You’re not displaying the same content to all your traffic segments, are you? The personalized content experience for your users is not only an important part of converting visitors into customers, but a mandatory digital marketing action for companies to survive in the highly competitive e-market.  Nowadays, marketers are talking to a smart audience, [...]

In this article, I have gathered some impactful exit intent website overlay case studies to show you how this innovative and interactive optimization strategy can help your online business grow. Get inspired by the following exit intent website overlays case studies and discover what techniques you can implement in your e-commerce business. #1 Bonia used exit [...]

In almost every e-ecommerce business the main focus is on the macro conversions that bring instant sales. Yet, there is another type of conversions with a high impact in time over your online business: micro conversions. One type of micro conversion is represented by the collected leads on your website. Qualified leads are incredibly useful [...]

A/B testing + heat maps + session recordings = incredible combo The industry of conversion rate optimization is changing a lot. There are more and more marketers realizing that they should go more granular into the details that are affecting their overall performance. We can group the optimization methodologies into 3 main categories: A.“Some optimization [...]

  In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about using the Net Promoter Score as a metric to guide your marketing efforts. Because it’s a long and complex article, here’s the structure (if you click on the sub-headlines, it will get you to that section):   What Is Net Promoter Score? [...]

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