Anca Sandu

A/B Testing. How others do it.

In my discussions* with some of you about Omniconvert, two things came up:   #1 show me how others are doing it; #2 show me how I can do it myself; *(yes, there’s a real human being writing emails from her real computer to you guys)   With this in mind, we are starting a [...]

We’re not going to bore you with what Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) means. You already know all that.   But, If you were to remember one thing about Conversion Rate Optimization for your Magento store, remember this. The purpose of CRO is to adjust the website experience to change the visitors’ behavior with the ultimate goal [...]

Is anybody out there? We hope so because we are lining up all our ducks in a row [err, our features] and we are starting to communicate them to all you optimizers out there. August was a good month for reflection. And we’ve been reflecting on the fact that we haven’t been talking much to [...]

…and lived to tell the story Pssst, hey you! Yes you, drowned in an ocean of data. Running reports and preparing presentations for the next marketing meeting. Thinking of what the hell should be done in the next quarter to turn things around and engage your customers better. You know that the only way to [...]

full disclaimer before we get started: RFM analysis stands for Recency, Frequency, Monetary analysis and it has something to do with your customers I love coffee. When I was living in Italy, I developed a habit of having one macchiato every morning before work. What I found interesting about coffee in Italy is the fact [...]