Table of Contents Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Why run them? Create Your Own Survey in an Effortless Manner  What Are Some Survey Examples from Our Customers? Bouncing Visitors Engaged Visitors Shoppers  Clients/ Buying Visitors Some might say customer satisfaction surveys are nothing but a crime against surfing the web freestyle. Yet, no matter the stigma they […]

A/B Testing. How others do it.

In my discussions* with some of you about Omniconvert, two things came up:   #1 show me how others are doing it; #2 show me how I can do it myself; *(yes, there’s a real human being writing emails from her real computer to you guys)   With this in mind, we are starting a […]

We’re not going to bore you with what Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) means. You already know all that.   But, If you were to remember one thing about Conversion Rate Optimization for your Magento store, remember this. The purpose of CRO is to adjust the website experience to change the visitors’ behavior with the ultimate goal […]

With great power comes, well, a great amount of data to analyze before you make any change to your brand. Yes, of course, responsibility also comes with all of this – but, as data-driven geeks, we just happen to think that the natural order of things is: Having the power to change something about your […]

As seen through the eyes of someone who actually buys stuff online   I have piled up 5 eCommerce Retention strategies to help guys/gals like you (eCommerce managers, that is) draw in and *keep* gals (and guys) like me. But let me start with this, though: I’m guilty as charged. I’m a huge, monstrous eCommerce […]

Valentin Radu’s Success Journey

Valentin Radu’s Life Journey   Some stories are just too amazing not to share – and Valentin Radu’s is definitely one of the best. When he heard Valentin’s story, my colleague, Chase, thought that this would make for a great discussion topic. So, he drew Valentin aside in our backyard at Omniconvert, and together, they […]

Is anybody out there? We hope so because we are lining up all our ducks in a row [err, our features] and we are starting to communicate them to all you optimizers out there. August was a good month for reflection. And we’ve been reflecting on the fact that we haven’t been talking much to […]

Mom, We Broke Marketing. Now What?

I once heard a very bad joke. It went something like this: “Mom, you know that beautiful vase in our living room, the one that has been passed on for generations?” “Yes, son.” “Well, it seems that I was the last generation, Mom”. The joke is bad, but thinking of how the entire digital marketing […]

In many ways, Conversion Rate Optimization is still in its infancy. Many business owners (especially in the medium-sized sector) either don’t see it at its true value or they simply fail to hire CRO experts that will lay actual results on the table. Why is that? Well, there seem to be a lot of reasons […]

  Background is a cross-channel Romanian business from the retail industry that sells products advertised on TV. They have over 500 products from different categories: kitchen, home & deco, fitness, and beauty. General info about the business has been present on the online market since 2015. Their main competitors are teleshopping retailers with […]

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